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The Origin of Tasket

For all of you who want to know the inspiration for this series, it began with a nightmare. My eldest son, at age two, complained of a visitor who came to him nightly. The little man would appear at his window, which was situated above his bed, and catapult onto his stomach. He told me how the tiny intruder would bounce on his bed, keeping him awake with his laughter and antics, then without a word, disappear into his toy box.

After several weeks of this complaint, I invited some friends over for dinner. Tom was a big man and, to a child of two, a near giant. I introduced him and his wife to my son and explained how Tom would capture the trespasser and take him away, when they left. Even though my son lay asleep, we enacted the scenario. Tom rooted through his toy box, then stuffed the invisible man into his pocket and left. My son never had the dream again.

Many years later, I was searching for a short story to illustrate and remembered the strange circumstances of the little man.

The toy box reminded me of the song, A Tisket, a Tasket. And so the name, Tasket, was born. As I worked on the story, Tasket became as real to me as he had been to my son. He visited me in my dreams with ideas for the story and before I knew it, it had grown into a novel.

To date, the novel has evolved into a series of five books. Tasket, The Passage, is currently in print as an e-book. The second book, Tasket, Return to DiLunna, is in its final editing and should be out by the end of summer. It is my hope all the books will be in print by the time the series is completed.

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March 13, 2015


Deborah Cidboy