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Mikey Bee Good

It seemed natural as both an artist and writer that I should create an illustrated children’s book, after all, that was how the Tasket series began. I decided on one particular character to formulate this off-shoot around. His name is Mikey Rudey. We shall meet him in book three of the series.

Mikey Rudey is a two-thousand year old child, who never grew up. Unlike the more light-hearted version of Peter Pan, the circumstances this boy must endure because of his eternal youth are heart-rending. However, to make the book more small child friendly, we are not exploring those particular hardships, only the cause behind his dilemma.

Using rhyme, and pictures, I’ve woven a light-hearted tale about a boy who will not sleep at night.

Much to his parent’s dismay, he choses instead to stay awake, playing with his toys and beating on his drums. Unbeknownst to his parents, their despair does not go unnoticed. An elf, (one of Tasket’s own kin), has been spying on the boy. Deciding to teach the boy a lesson, he turns Mikey into a bee and forces him to work in a bee hive.

The exact date for the release of this book has not as yet been scheduled. However, the writing is complete and the drawings are being executed. I’ll update my readers in a future blog, as to its progress.


mikey bee good

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March 13, 2015


Deborah Cidboy